Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Los Angeles Trip!

This past week I returned to NYC from warm and sunny Los Angeles. My second time in LA, first time for career purposes, I was both extremely nervous and excited to be participating in One on One Studios' Los Angeles Showcase in which less than 20 actors perform for over 20 guests including casting directors, agents and managers. I signed up for the classes in late November, snatching the last spot. A few weeks later, I received the four different scenes I'd be performing for casting directors Elizabeth Barnes, Rick Pagano, Christal Karge and Scott David.

Over Christmas break, I memorized the scenes, rehearsed them with my family and boyfriend and even taped them with my Flip Cam to see what I was doing. As much as I hated it, being snowed in for a few days was extremely helpful in preventing any kind of procrastination (not that I tend to do that anyway!). Before the trip, I felt extremely prepared having all of my scenes locked and loaded...

I flew out to Los Angeles on a really early, cold morning flight and checked into my hotel after a way too talkative and long cab ride. That afternoon I mostly relaxed, checked out the nearby and Grove and Farmer's Market and enjoyed the sunshine. The next day I had my first day of classes with Elizabeth Barnes. She was extremely sweet and a great casting director to start the week off with. Then, we showcased our sides for the agents. I was so happy that the One on One casting director Marc Isaacman held an orientation in which the actors met each other and we practiced our "about me" schpeel. It was a great confidence booster and I was very happy to get to know my fellow New York actors in LA. Day two was my class with Rick Pagano. I was blown away by his class. He really stressed the importance of keeping your personality in your scene work, and I had a great time playing within my scene and really using my unique personality to make the scene pop. I'm looking forward to working with him again soon, and hopefully signing up for his classes in LA.

Day three I met with Christal Karge, also a friendly casting director who made all the actors at ease. Everyone gave amazing performances in her class, and she gave great advice about LA. Day four was with Scott David, the Criminal Minds casting director. Scott was one of the friendliest and honest CD's I've met. I loved that we got the chance to chit chat before performing, and I especially appreciated the specific notes he took about each of us. I'm a note taker too, so I was happy to see that.

In summary, (and I know this post has been epic) I'd say that I LOVED the LA trip. If nothing else, my confidence is so, so, so high after this experience. LA isn't some idea in my head anymore, I've met with so many professionals out there, received amazing feedback, and know that all I need to do is keep knocking on those doors (now on both coasts!) and somebody will answer and let me in!

I have the feeling that this next year is going to be a really exciting one for me. The optimism and excitement that the One on One LA trip has filled me with is definitely going to carry me through these dark, cold New York winter months.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great trip!! I'm happy for you; knowing you're pursuing your craft with the passion you've always shown. Keep chasing your dream because I know that someday you'll achieve your goals and become the famous, successful actor we all know you are!! Keep up the good work and never let an opportunity pass you by!!
    Much Love,