Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Here comes 2011!

First of all, if you haven't already seen it - my clip from "Carrie" for the Columbia Film Program!!!!!

It's been way too long since my last blog about Blue Valentine, and now that I'm snowed in with my family in CT and my cabin fever uneasiness is quickly increasing, I have no choice but to put myself to some use and write a bit. This year has been amazing for me. I've accomplished a lot, had some disappointments, learned some things about myself, and pushed myself in new challenging directions.

I started off the year pretty quietly, trying to get through the winter painlessly. I took many classes, joined the studio One on One (where I met with many casting directors and agents) and also I started freelancing with Sonia Stewart of Aboutface Talent.

I started auditioning for commercials in the early summer and had some interesting experiences dancing with toddlers, painting with toddlers, doing a Wii Fit audition, improvving about what I would do with an endless supply of Pop Tarts and many more. Commercial auditions are a lot of fun, especially because there is little you can do to prep ahead of time, therefore the pressure feels less. However, once you are in the room and your best, it's mostly out of your control and a lotta luck because it's mainly based on type, looks and what they want. They might want straight hair and you have curly hair... I'll get one soon and my rent will hopefully be taken care of for a year! :)

Also in 2010, I wrapped my second feature film which was a HUGE challenge - Red Hook Black - in which I play a young married woman with MS and a Brooklyn accent. I had a little over a week to prep this feature and can't wait to see it. Hopefully it gets in some festivals and on the big screen somewhere! I also joined the cast of the webseries "Sherry's Kitchen," filmed a scene for the Columbia directing class from the movie "Carrie" and was just recently cast in two shorts for the SVA film program and the Columbia program, one of which I am the lead and one I'm the supporting character.

2011 is already shaping up to be exciting as I continue to audition for commercials, am going to LA on January 5th for One on One's showcase with agents and casting directors, and am filming the two short films and continuing my role in Sherry's Kitchen. I'm so excited to see what comes!

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  1. Wow this sounds very exciting! I look forward to continue following your work! You're gonna be a star!