Thursday, August 19, 2010

Film Role!

The past two weeks have been absolutely insane!!! I was just cast (literally last Thursday morning) as a lead role in the indie feature film "Red Hook Black" directed by Luis Landivar. The film is about the disintegration of love between a young married couple. I'm so excited to be working with Luis and the rest of the cast and crew on this project. The script is extremely intense and my character will be one of the most challenging I have played to date. I've been memorizing lines nonstop for the past week and look forward to my first rehearsal tomorrow! Shooting begins next week and I'll be wrapped before September! This is my second feature film role and I'm so excited to really dive into the character and have fun with it.

Also, I've been auditioning a lot. Today I had a fun audition for an MTV pilot called "I Just Want My Pants Back." The role called for a nerdy intense Wii tennis scene, so I had lots of fun with that.

Stay tuned for on-set photos from "Red Hook Black" and production updates!!!

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