Monday, July 19, 2010

Staged Reading at NYU!

Last week was incredibly busy! On Friday I played a the supporting role of Haruka in Miyoko Conley's play "Seiza no ai" (Constellation of Love) directed by Leah Hamos at NYU's Gallatin School. The rehearsal process was fast and a lot of fun beginning just the week before. It was great to be working on a project with such a willing and open group of people looking to collaborate. The piece was about a manga artist's depiction of a romance within the Takarazuka Theater in Japan (where women play all of the roles) that paralleled a romance in her own life. The play involved many different "worlds" so to speak and the world my character inhabited was only shown in memory and art. I especially enjoyed learning some Japanese for the show, including a popular children's song which I've sung over the phone many times to my parents. It was such an exciting process and the first reading I had the opportunity to collaborate on.

In other news - yes, I did see "Inception." I LOVED it. Although I did have a strange experience with it. I was sitting next to my boyfriend Robert Levin (check out his review on Rotten Tomatoes) and when the lights came up at the end of the film I turned to him and was about to say, "That was amazing," when he interrupted, "Wow, what a let down," or something to that effect. It's just so funny how sometimes I'll be watching a movie, completely immersed in it either in pure joy, thinking to myself, "This is the reason I want to be in movies. This is why I do what I do," and then the person next to me will be feeling a completely different reaction. I guess that's why I love the art that is film, the fact that viewing a human experience on film can provoke such intense debates and conversations among viewers following the film. After the screening I walked about 15 blocks with my BF and we argued and argued about what the film meant, why I liked it, why he disliked it and what exactly was going on. It was one of the best film conversations I've had in a while honestly.

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