Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Layout!

So I've rebooted the blog from black to a more "Victoria-like" happy pink with flowers. I also have links all over the place and will continue to add to it! Hopefully more people will stop by to read what's going on -- and I should write more often!

Anyway, principle photography of "Red Hook Black" is wrapped. The shoot was definitely intense, with preparation, rehearsal, memorization and shooting all complete within two weeks. It was great working with the director, Luis Landivar, who emphasized realism in acting and was completely open to suggestions in scenes. I have one day of shooting left in a few weeks on a Sunday during which we'll be filming my character doing things around the house - like, a day in the life of sort of thing.

I'm so happy to say that I've wrapped my second feature! Now to think of what I've learned from it. I know everyone involved in filmmaking always stresses the importance of preparation and that was definitely the key to making the shoot effortless. Because my character is in over 50 pages with a few massive monologues, once I had the character prep and lines done, I felt completely free to act.

I'm so excited to share "Red Hook Black" with everyone after editing, but until then, hopefully I'll book another job soon!

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