Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's been way too long

Wow I haven't posted in so long. I'm sorry to those of you that read my blog entries. I've been incredibly busy since my last entry. My finished screenplay, "Gold Star" is entered into a few contests and I hear back from the first one in early August. There are 6,200 entries, so hopefully I at least advance to the quarter final rounds. I'm proud of the script and worked hard on it, so I'm crossing my fingers.

I've been on so many auditions recently and have gotten a lot of callbacks and positive feedback. The funny thing is - the casting people have loved me, but I was either too young or too old to play a part, which means that in a week or two, I will be just right!

I'm excited for this summer and have some really exciting auditions in the next week or two that I'm gearing up for for shows in theater festivals here in the city. There's one role that if I get, I'm not too sure I want the theater packed with my family. Let's just say it would be a very brave performance if I got the role and pulled it off : )

In other news - non-actor/writer related stuff, this summer is full of family weddings, friends' wedding, graduation parties and roommates moving in and out. For some reason May is always an extremely busy month and this year it didn't fail me again. I'm looking forward to going to Miami next week for my cousin's wedding and have a little family reunion down there.

There's so much to look forward to this summer - even on a cloudy/rainy day like today.

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  1. Have a great summer! Best of luck, and great website! You look amazing in the pictures!