Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Springtime in NYC

On the left is a photo from the December DGA Award ceremony with Kenny Sosnowski (my co-star), Eliza Subotowicz (writer/director) and Christopher Radcliffe (writer) of the film "Ben" and of course, me to the right!!!

Yesterday I got my new headshots taken by Leslie Hassler. It was a great experience working with Leslie and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to get new shots done. We shot outdoors in four different outfits and the weather was perfect!

I actually felt like Paris Hilton at one point because a paparazzi noticed Leslie photographing me and fixed his zoom lens on me. We had to hide behind a truck and wait for him to go away ... which he did eventually ...

I should be getting the shots back in a few days or so and will then be making the agonizing decision over which shots to choose. I'll probably make a Facebook event (for all of those that are friends with me).

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