Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Showcase Roundup and Reel!

Last night ended the month long series of showcases that I participated in. One was the ACTeen Casting Director Seminar that I had the pleasure of being a part of for a third time. Find me in the showcase picture to the left!!! Also, the second showcase was the Access to Agents Seminar with Paul Russell.

The ACTeen Casting Director Seminar went amazingly and I was already recommended to audition for a webseries by Erica Jensen. I got great feedback and took up the advice of Erica and am getting new headshots that will show a different side of me and not "type" me as much as my last ones did. Kevin Kuffa told a great casting story and the Teen Nick casting director helped my fellow ACTeeners and I learn what it takes to be a great TV host - Ryan Seacrest knows what he's doing!!!

Last night was the showcase night with Paul Russell and I performed a scene from the upcoming "Cabin in the Woods" feature playing a bubbly, fun, energetic best friend. I thought the scene was fun and I specifically chose it to showcase my more quirky side which in the past I've hidden beneath more dramatic pieces. The feedback the agents gave me was great and I will be writing them thank you notes immediately and hopefully will get a call or two.

Also - please check out my reel now added to my links page!!! It was done by Elizabeth Kerin who directed Obelisk Road and features scenes from Ben and other films that I'm proud of in the last year.

Stay tuned for my new headshots late next week from Leslie Hassler!!!

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  1. I can't wait to see the headshots! This all sounds great!