Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Headshots and showcase!

So I'm back at ACTeen for another showcase as well as casting director Paul Russell's Talent Agent Seminar. I'm busy in March, that's for sure, networking and putting myself out there. At ACTeen I am meeting with many casting directors over the past few weeks - Erica Jensen, Kevin Kuffa,Jodi Angstreich, Teen Nick Casting, and more. I've started great working relationships with many casting directors at ACTeen, so hopefully this will be the beginning for more! Paul Russell's classes I am prepping to meet with three agents the first week of April! I'm very excited and getting my marketing materials together at their finest to blow the agents out of the water.

And I'm getting new headshots!!!! I've chosen Leslie Hassler to shot my new photos. I'm very excited to be working with her as her shots present actors in an friendly, approachable and interesting way. These will definitely be my best ones yet.

Also, stay tuned for MY REEL!!!!

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