Thursday, August 13, 2009

Soap Appearance and other news

Thank you to everyone who watched my appearance on "As the World Turns" as a medical patient. Unfortunately I had to miss it on TV, but CBS has the full episode posted online. If you haven't seen if yet, please jump ahead to the scenes in the hospital towards the end of the episode and you can see me!!

Here's the link:

In other news, two days ago I met with Albert Bramante of Emerging Talent, LLC in his offices. Today he's sending me out on a Verizon Commercial which I'm very excited about. Hopefully if I do get a callback it won't be during my cruise which I leave for tomorrow morning. I'm excited for my vacation and trying not to freak out about my inability to communicated with the real world. Yet, when I come back I have some auditions lined up. Bon voyage all of my followers! I will return next Sunday from Jamaica and Miami tanned, relaxed and ready to get back into the acting world!!!

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