Saturday, August 15, 2009

Before my cruise....

I'm about to leave for a cruise to Jamaica and Grand Cayman....I mean, I'm literally in Florida about to drive to the dock...and I felt I needed one last post!

On Friday before flying out, I dragged all my suitcases up to Actor's Connection in Times Square for the Phil Huffman Law and Order: SVU seminar. It was a great experience to hear Phil speak about the casting process of SVU and how quickly things generally are done in TV. Then, all 20 or so actors in the class read a scene with a reader while Phil intently watched and critiqued and gave direction. His comments were very useful and it was great to see other actors read in such a setting. I'm very happy with my reading and hope to stay in touch with Phil and maybe get an audition for SVU this year! Last year it was good 'ole L&O, I want both baby! I'm shooting high : )

Earlier that day I had my first commercial audition for Verizon. It went really well and I did an improv with two other actors playing my family members at a barbeque. One was speaking Spanish and I had to respond to him in any way I chose when he referred to me. And yes, a basic understanding of Spanish was definitely needed. Thank god for all those classes in high school! I felt like I did a pretty decent job, but then again, I'm always very hard on myself. Well, after class with Phil later that day, I get a call from the production company telling me I got a callback! I was ecstatic, yet also severely disappointed in my horrible timing as my flight the next day to come to Florida was booked early in the morning AND they were shooting the commercial while I was still on my trip. Boo!!!

Oh well, looking on the bright side of things I figure I'm going to have an absolutely great trip, and there will be plenty more commercial callbacks and opportunities where that one came from.

Now I know why lots of actors rarely go on vacation!

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