Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Juggling Career Swords

So today I have to run 10 miles, work my day job, try to stay updated on all things social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc.), get this blog out, eat at some point, work on my film and maybe see a friend or two. Sometimes I feel like living in the city and pursuing a career in the entertainment industry is like juggling 10 swords lit on fire. If you blink for a second, one will stab you in the face and disfigure you.

I have always been a planner. Despite having a Kindle, iPhone, DVR, and a little thing called the internet, I still like to write things down. I have an old school “planner”—yes, remember those? A few years ago I used to map out every hour of my day. Now I have general things written down that I know I want to accomplish. A little less OCD.

I’ve never been one for procrastination, if I know I have to do something, I do it, but first I clean my apartment, eat a snack and take a nap. Just kidding. I don’t procrastinate much. Why wait to do something? I’d say my weakness is not letting myself get overwhelmed and letting myself actually be a human being.

All work and no play makes Victoria a dull girl????

I’ve learned to prioritize. What do I need to do today, right this minute? But also, I think what’s most important is staying healthy and motivated. If you work too hard and have no fun, what’s the point? You need some type of a balance.

I took this past week to think of some tips to stay healthy, happy and motivated while working on a passion project or just pursuing a career in what seems like an impossible field, the entertainment industry:

1)      Be Kind to Yourself
-- If you can’t finish something when you wanted to get it done by, don’t freak     out. You are human.

2)  Take Breaks
-- Sometimes I get caught up in my hamster wheel sized NYC apartment, but go outside and get some sunshine. It’s probably what your brain needs.

3)  Reach Out to Friends
-- If I’m having a tough day motivation wise or otherwise, I plan something either fun or productive to do. If there’s a movie I’ve been dying to see, I make definitive plans to see it with buddies.

4) Reward Yourself
-- So I know it’s not extremely healthy in any sense to reward yourself with food, but sometimes I just want a big ‘ole slice of pizza. But rewards can come in other ways, watch a few episodes of a TV show, plan a fun trip

5) Step Back From the Computer
-- My brain gets fried all the time. I can’t sleep. No, not from caffeine, from being glued to my precious little glowing screen. Back off and see the world! You’ll get more ideas that way!

How do you stay organized when it seems like you have a billion things to do? What are some strategies you use to stay focused and motivated? What are you juggling? Comments below!

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  1. Joshuah KuttenkulerOctober 2, 2012 at 9:37 AM

    I dont think I could get up at 8 am. But usually with my day i follow what i like to call my mafia rules on activities and schedule- if you arent making any progress on it in ten minutes, let it go.. If it has a high priority and is difficult, throw ten minutes at it, leave it, come back, until the effort starts to pay off. Eliminate the opportunity for frustration to bother you and you will make more positive, gratifying use of your time. If its a good thing you want to really enjoy, take it out of your usual zone into one that is irritating but not distracting and the sensation will last longer / be more intense. Eating your meals outside, great example that turns 10 minutes of joy into ten minutes of bliss. Break everything down into whatever part of the activity takes ten minutes or less. From a typical day lasting 8am to 10 pm, there are 14 hours - 3 will be lost to transit, 1 will be lost to meal time. 4 is spent in heavy work or watching films. 1 more is spent talking to others. That leaves 5x6 = 30 10 minute windows to do something. They are valuble, they are all you have.

  2. Hey Joshuah! 8 AM is sometimes rough for me too. I'm a night owl who's envious of the early birds, for sure. I love that - mafia rules! Very awesome. Eating meals outside is definitely important. Sometimes I work through lunch and find that I'm much more productive if I walk to a park or just get some sunshine quickly. Great logic with the numbers - 30 10 minute windows sounds about right. I wish I could watch films for longer than one hour a day - sometimes there's just no time! :)