Monday, September 24, 2012

The Road to Creation Begins with Why

I recently decided to jump in head first and create a film of my own...

I don't want to send it out to production companies so they can be like, "Well, this star will give us this kind of a box office draw." Nope, not me. Not this one. I wrote it to be in it!

After finishing my screenplay, Gold Star, it was like I forgot why I started writing it. I was so excited with being done with this first crucial step in creating that I wanted to just rush into it and have someone make it. I've decided I'm going to do it myself--well, with an awesome collaborative team attached, of course. 

The most important question you can remind yourself when your goals seem insurmountable or when you get frustrated with the process of creating is - WHY did I begin this project?

What was my intent from the outset?

Why did I start writing this? Why did I want to produce this? Direct this? If you lose your why, your project will have no meaning or importance to you, and then it won't be important or meaningful to anyone else.

Two weeks ago after deciding yes, I want to do this the way I want, I set out to location scout for my film in my own town. First weekend in October, I'll be back home doing promotional photos for the film at some of these locations. I'm so excited to bring my film beyond the page and share it with everyone. I know why I want to, now I have to figure out how. 

To the left is a picture that I took of my sister during a beautiful sunset at one of the locations I want to shoot. Gold Star is about the past colliding with the present. It's about home and family. It's about what we thought we knew and how we cope with knowing.

Stay tuned...

To all my creative friends, what projects are you working on? What are your reasons for doing them? Comments welcome!


  1. Very thoughtful and inspiring blog. Really gives a face to the creative process! Thanks for taking the time to share your process!

    1. Thank you so much! It's all about the journey, right?