Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My first death scene... and more!

This past weekend marked a very exciting event in my career - my first onscreen death scene. For those of you that have been following my career closely, I've been filming "The Murders of Cane Hill" for the past month or so on weekends on Long Island at the creepy, historic Cedarmere mansion.

When I first read the script, I was extremely excited to be filming my first horror genre piece, but more than that, I couldn't stop smiling when I read my character's ultimate demise. Yes, sorry, spoilers for all of you. I don't make it to the end of the movie. My character almost gets out, but nope, she's one of the ones where you're screaming at the screen, "No! Don't! Don't go there!"

Saturday I began the day in a tank top and skirt, which soon became covered in blood, ripped apart with special effects somehow glued to my stomach to make it appear as though I had been stabbed repeatedly. It took a few full body scrubbings to get the blood color off my skin, but it was completely worth it and so much fun. It's also extremely difficult to lay completely still after your "death" while the camera captures the aftermath in extreme close-up. I exercised my breath control techniques learned from years of sports and yoga.

In other news, I've moved back to the city and am on the Upper East Side. My apartment is almost completely set up and I've already been on three auditions since being back. Not having to ride Metro North constantly is also a definite plus.

Stay tuned for more "Murders of Cane Hill" updates as the production draws to an end and enters the world of post-production!

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