Friday, May 6, 2011

Zombies, LARPing and other news

Happy Spring! Looks like the weather is finally beautiful and here to stay. My cute little 3-speed Chip is fixed up and I've already taken him for many rides and pimped him out. He now has new wheels and lights for night riding. I'm planning some bike trips over the summer to further explore the City!

Over the past few weeks I've been involved in so many Columbia film projects! I played a zombie for Columbia MFA Director Stian Hafstad's project. The makeup looked amazing and it was fun to just go crazy with the blood. It's actually my second time playing a zombie. My inner monologue throughout was "BRAINS...BRAINS...BRAINS..." I worked with Stian in mid-January on a short teen comedy called "The Science of Blowjobs and Throbbing Hearts". I finished up ADR for it this past week and am SO excited to share it with everyone. It's going to be hilarious!

Another Columbia film I'll be shooting the first week of June entitled "I LARP You" is moving along great. The production team is excited about the awesome LARPing wardrobes and I've already had some great rehearsals with my co-star Mason Heidger and director Andrew Ruiz. Soon enough I'll be running around the woods in New Jersey with elf ears! Can't wait! Stay tuned for some great pictures of that.

In other news - I had some great auditions recently! Just this past week I had an audition for the MTV Movie Awards and Puma. For the Puma audition I had to juggle a soccer ball on camera. I was SO NERVOUS, but I actually nailed it and was put on-hold for the shoot. Although I ultimately didn't get it, I was proud that I went in there and didn't break the camera :)

Also, congrats to my Aunt Lynn for having her first son Noah Jacob this past week. I'm so excited to meet him. He's a cute little guy and the influx of babies coming into my family over the next year is simultaneously overwhelming and exciting. I still feel like a kid myself!!! But, I guess that's why I'm an actor ;)

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  1. You are an amazing actor and I am so proud of your accomplishments to date and look forward to many more successful shoots. Keep knocking 'em dead. Your number one fan. Gram