Saturday, February 6, 2010

Just Because....

I thought I'd start writing/blogging more on this site - sharing thoughts not only about acting, my career, etc, but also just of what's going on in my life. I can't separate art from my life because without one, there is not the other. I'm one of those people that just can't sit mind is always somewhere else, thinking, wondering, planning, creating. I've taken tai chi and if I try hard enough - yes, I can "BE" in one place. Initially, this was very hard for me to do....but...well, what am I talking about anyway? I guess for me, right now in my life (not that this is a problem) but I feel at a big crossroads. With many of my friends having moved out of the city after school, I've come to realize that yes, I'm growing up a bit. Yes, my brother and I just earlier today were reminiscing about how the Wendy's in our hometown used to have decorative lighting, how the local pasta restaurant that was once packed and crowded is now closed and replaced with a Chase Bank. I believe I even used the phrase "Back in my day." No, I'm not becoming my father.
Most of my artistic inspiration comes from reflecting on my life, my place in the world and how my personal experience can be outwardly expressed to impact people as a whole, causing them to look inward. The quarter life crisis is a relatively new concept, but I completely understand how it's possible. My generation is deciding to decide who we are and how we fit and what makes me, me? I'm getting to philosophical here, so I'll stop before treading on confusing, mind blowing ground, but I find motivation in the unknown, in the search for identity.

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