Monday, August 3, 2009

As the World Turns and New Script!

This coming Thursday August 6th, I will be on TV for the second time this year as a medical patient on CBS' "As the World Turns." Shooting the episode was a great experience and I felt fully prepared to be on a soap set after my soap study class at Stonestreet Studios last year with David and Linda Laundra. They taught me and the rest of the students how to rehearse, study, block and nail a soap scene or an audition. On set, the actors and crew were very kind, but the pace was definitely extremely fast. The actors got one take unless something went horribly wrong in blocking which only happened once because of a huge dog crate being pushed with a person inside.

In other news....
this past weekend I finally started a screenplay with a fully realized idea. I already have 30 pages written and haven't really been able to sleep because of it. In a recent interview I transcribed with Judd Apatow (yes, my day job is transcribing hours of interviews) he said that if an actor wants to take control of his career, he has to write and create his own work. Always wanting to write, I decided to start carrying around a notebook like my writing teacher at NYU always recommended. Well, on a late train ride home after my shoot at Yale last week, I finally came up with an idea. Since then, the idea has evolved into a story and now I can't stop working on it. I'm excited to see this through and hopefully, soon you'll be reading about me selling it to someone. I'm sorry I can't really reveal what it's about, but yes, that'll keep you all excited and wondering. It's a character driven story....that's all I'm gonna give you. Oh, and I'm writing myself a part.....of course.....

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