Wednesday, June 10, 2009

As the World Turns!

Yesterday was the As the World Turns shoot. My day started really early, I had to be in Brooklyn at the studio at 7:15 AM, which meant two alarms set before the sun rose.

It was such an exciting experience at JC Studios in Brooklyn as I got my very own dressing room key. After grabbing some cheerios in the green room, I let myself into my very own dressing room and settled in.

JC Studios uses a great system with announcements over a loud speaker so you can be anywhere in the building and know exactly what's going on. I was called down into wardrobe and given comfy PJ's and a hospital gown as well as some cute little slippers for my get-up as the mental patient.

After relaxing on my bed in my dressing room for a bit, I was called down to studio two to shoot my scenes. I watched the actors do a quick dry run through in the hospital scene and then we taped. The pacing is extremely fast and everyone was cooperative and knew exactly what they were doing, they were all professionals. I won't give anything away of what happens for you huge soap opera fans out there wanting the insider's scoop on As the World Turns, but yes, we shot in a hospital. My job during these scenes was as a featured background player to take pills, talk to nurses, and just mill about and look like a sick person. It was a lot of fun and you will definitely be seeing me on screen.

Look for the episode to air on Thursday August 6th at 2 PM!!!

It was a great experience working with the As the World Turns team and I hope that I'm back in JC Studios again soon!

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  1. I am so excited about your role in As the World Turns. I can't wait to see the episode you are in and have the entire family prepared to tape and/or watch it.

    We are so proud of you and all you have accomplished and look forward to many more TV and screen appearances by our Victoria.....

    Love you lots