Thursday, April 16, 2009

Obelisk Road - Vote for me!!!

Hey everyone,

Happy spring!!! Episode two of Obelisk Road is now up on My character Lucy kind of lurks creepily in the background (I am the goth chick). However, the opportunity for my role to play a huge part in the next episode all vote for me.

Go to this link:

And first of all, watch the episode. It's awesome and I'm so happy to be a part of it. Then, after you've enjoyed the entertainment, scroll down a little bit and vote for my character Lucy, to have a dangerous brush with death. You do have to join the site which takes two seconds and you do have to donate a little bit of money to an organization called Seeds of Peace. But, hey, you'll feel really good about yourself afterwards!!! do want me to see me have a scary experience with magic in a few weeks.

We are filming this episode next weekend, so vote quickly so I can find out if I get the most votes and so I have some time to memorize my lines!!!! : )

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  1. Do I need to sign up to vote for you?