Monday, February 16, 2009

Webseries update

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit everyone!!! Last weekend I filmed the pilot episode of "Obelisk Road" in which I play Lucy, the goth young witch. It was a great experience and everyone on the crew was very focused, organized, and a lot of fun to work with. My character required a lot of crazy hair and make-up (we went really dark with it) and I think I was M.I.A for about an hour with the awesome hair and make-up team. I didn't even recognize myself afterwards as I was transformed from Victoria to goth-punk Lucy with a poofy rocker mohawk like hairdo and dark, shadowy eyes.
My first scene was chanting an incantation to summon spirits with my fellow cast members in "The Rabbit Hole" (our meeting place for witchery). The camera spun around as we clasped hands and summoned spirits. I look forward to posting some pictures after the pilot airs in early March.

The webseries' profits on goes to towards the charity organization, "Seeds of Peace". Because this project is being funded by the filmmakers and everyone involved, we would love it if family, friends, fans could help out the cast and crew and donate a bit to help. You can help by mailing a check to Passage Pictures at 348 East 66th Street #34 NY, NY 10065, make it out to Lipica Shah (the executive producer), and put Obelisk Road in the memo line. In return, your name will be in the credits (yay! you'll be famous) and we will send you a receipt with a "Thank you so much!" and a description of what your donation was used for. You can contact the filmmakers at

Thanks and we all appreciate your support!!!

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