Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's time for a storm

It's extremely stormy here in New York with snow and ice covering the sidewalk. The weather is very fitting considering that I just got a role on the show "Storm Stories" on The Weather Channel through NBC/Universal. We are filming in the Poconos this coming Thursday and Friday. I expect to be freezing cold, but it should be a lot of fun! I will keep everyone posted on the airing date so that you can watch me survive a horrible storm!

Also, now that it is 2009, I've compiled a list of my top 10 films from 2008. My list is pretty different from a lot of film buffs, but that's definitely a good thing. Here's the list:
1) The Wrestler
2) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
3) Slumdog Millionaire
4) Gran Torino
5) Rachel Getting Married
6) Milk
7) Let the Right One In
8) Pineapple Express
9) Doubt
10) Wall E

I'm very excited for the upcoming films in 2009. Stay tuned for more updates and my picks for the Oscars!!!


  1. Good list! And I can't wait to see you survive a horrible storm on the Weather Channel.

  2. My sister is an amazing actress! Yay can't wait to see you in this series. Love you.

    Your awesome sis