Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I can't believe that it's already 2009. While celebrating with my loved ones last night my boyfriend and I got into one of those deep and confusing conversations about the past, present, future, and this year, 2009. I tend to get very thoughtful during times of change.
Previous to now, my life has been measured by blocks of time. I graduated elementary school in 1998, then Junior High (Yes, I went to a Junior High, not a middle school) in 2001, Amity Regional High School in 2004, and most recently NYU in 2008. I never really thought about life past NYU and 2008.
Now that 2009 has arrived I no longer think in terms of graduation dates, final exams, or registering for new classes. I am excited to set some new goals for myself and fully commit to achieving them with fewer constraints as in previous years.

Some of these goals include:
Keep up with all of the friends I have made on past film projects and in school
Audition even more ... and continue to get parts
Begin working with an agent/manager
Get a role on 'Law and Order' (my Grandmother would freak out, it's her favorite show)
Finish writing a film I started working on about a year ago

There are some other goals I have that have nothing to do with my career, such as reading more and so on, but I think I've put a lot down on the table so far.

Happy New Year to everyone!!! I'm looking forward to a fun and exciting 2009!


  1. The first year after graduation is a confusing time, but I know that you'll be successful meeting all your goals, and I look forward to being there every step of the way! Love, Rob

  2. We are all so proud of you and since I know that you always achieve what you set your mind to, I look forward to seeing you on Law and Order my all time favorite show. I really would just freak out, that would be the night for a real party..
    Love you lots, Gram