Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Act Like an Athlete - Dedication

Dedication. Yes, it’s a scary word. It has this sort of, permanent ring to it, I guess. Sometimes I think of it as positive and lovey-dovey in a gooey sort of, yay, we are dedicated to each other kind of way, but other times I dread it. It feels like a burden.

This past weekend, I had a serious dedication test. As many of you know, I’m training for the NYC Marathon this coming November. It hasn’t always been easy – blisters and toe pains – but I’m training hard (and enjoying it most of the time, too!).

This past weekend, I had a bachelorette two-day celebration, and wedding shower extravaganza – sleeping on an air mattress, staying up late, and enjoying a few deliciously sweet alcoholic beverages.

As luck would have it (or not?), my long runs are scheduled for weekends, meaning, I’m running around 25 miles average between Saturday and Sunday. So, on Saturday morning, I was faced with da-da-da…a DEDICATION test. Did I have it or not?

I woke up at 7:45 and went out running on Rhode Island with another girl training for the Chicago Marathon. We did 13 miles. The first few miles were extremely painful, but I was proud, happy, sore, and one step closer to my goal – running a great NYC Marathon.

Obstacles not only in athletics, but in an acting career will test your dedication. Can you focus and get past procrastination and every-day distractions to have a successful audition? Do you know what your end goal is? Can you prove to yourself that you are dedicated to achieving it?

One major test - my first Half-Marathon - June in Fairfield, CT. Me, post-race with my parents/cheering section!
Sometimes I think athletics is more obvious and easier to place than acting. There is a finish line, a final score, the last buzz of time on the clock. You know what the goal is. In acting, it’s blurry, it evolves. Set a goal for yourself a few months down the line – make an acting marathon-like challenge for yourself. What seems impossible now can certainly be achieved through baby steps and serious dedication.

And…a little bit of this--Rocky Montage


  1. I follow your blog and am really inspired! Best of luck with your marathon and your career!

  2. Love the blog post- really inspiring- the fairfield half-marathon was absolutely spectacular and seeing you there with Dad moved to tears was awesome! Proud of you, the pic- not so much! You and dad look great though! LOL

    1. Thanks - hopefully you'll both be able to be at the full one! I know you wouldn't be thrilled with the pic, but I wanted you represented b/c you were so supportive. Love u!

  3. I'm amazed by how dedicated you are to your passions and how you keep pursuing your dreams. Just keep swimming!