Friday, December 11, 2009

DGA Student Awards!

Last night was the DGA student award ceremony in New York City. It was great to reunite with the cast and crew of "Ben" at the DGA ceremony. We shot last year right after Thanksgiving and the film premiered at the IFC Center on April 30th. Eliza Subotowicz, the director of the film received the award for the Best Female Filmmaker on the East Coast. With her were Rashaad Ernesto Green for Best African American Filmmaker, Theresa Wu for Best Asian America Filmmaker and Antonio Mendez Esparza (who couldn't attend) for Best Latino Filmmaker.

I'm so happy for Eliza and I hope that the film gets into many more festivals! My mom also got to attend and I was excited for her to meet everyone involved in the film. Hopefully the DGA site will post some pictures soon taken of Eliza, actor Kenny Sosnowski who played Ben, Chris Radcliffe the writer and me.

It was a thrill to watch the film on the big screen for a second time and the audience reactions were extremely positive. I can't wait to see where else the film goes and I'm so proud of it's success.

Stay tuned for my reel on this site which should be done within the month. Contained in it will be clips from "Ben!"

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  1. I enjoyed each of the films screened at the DGA especially Ben and loved your performance. Very natural and real screen performance.Congratulations!