Thursday, May 7, 2009

CU Film Fest and Backstage!

Last Thursday was the Columbia Film Festival at the IFC Center in the West Village. It was my first experience at my own premiere and I was incredibly nervous for everyone involved in the production of "Ben". I knew that the film would be good, but after seeing it I was blown away. Eliza Subotowicz, the director, did a remarkable job at capturing subtle, intimate moments that most of the time never come across on screen, and I was also proud to have worked with such a talented cast. The humor within the writing (Chris Radcliffe co-wrote the script with Eliza) as well as the way in which high school students speak was all evident and very natural. I was so excited to hear cheering and screaming after the film was over and I was happy that so many people got to share in the experience. I look forward to "Ben" moving onto other film festivals and I will update everyone accordingly.

Also, I was featured in Backstage this past week in an advice column dealing with how actors handle rejection. Here is the link to the page. You can also pick up copies on newstands with my headshot printed!!!

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