Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thanks to everyone!

Thank you to everyone who tuned into "Storm Stories" this past Sunday on The Weather Channel. It was very exciting to see the episode on air and watch and listen to the real family's story of being stranded in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. My family and friends were shocked with how well the crew matched our taped reenactments to the photos and clips of the family's story. They even confused a photo of the real Lexie with me.
I felt cold just watching the episode as I remembered the snow machine's brutal assault on my actor family as we huddled under a makeshift pine shelter.

In other news, this coming weekend I will be filming my second episode of the webseries Obelisk Road. It should air in a month or so and I will keep you all posted. Stay tuned for news, pictures, and links for episode number 2!

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