Thursday, December 11, 2008

Welcome and thank you to everyone visiting my site!

After graduating NYU in May, I've finally been able to happily say that I am officially an actor and not just a student/actor. Not that I didn't like NYU, I absolutely loved it and can say that it was the best experience of my life.
Since graduating, I have been in a few films. I just wrapped a short Columbia grad film called "Ben and Jesse" in which I play Trisha, a high school student who becomes the focus of lots of attention after rumors are circling the student body about her reputation. The film was directed by Eliza Subotowicz, produced by Julie Buck, and written by Chris Radcliff. It will be screening in April at Columbia and I will keep all of you posted about it's progress.

This coming week I am also wrapping my first feature film called "Cellar" by writer/director Steve Staso. I play Laura, an Italian immigrant modern dancer who befriends Syl, an Iraqi War Veteran. I can say with all certainty that Laura is one of the most difficult characters to become in that I have had to learn an Italian accent and study and take modern dance classes here in the city. I am not a dancer, I am a soccer player therefore my feet and legs have had to make major adjustments.

In most recent exciting news I was just cast (yesterday actually) in a feature called "Demons of Me" by writer/director Lipere d'Omar and produced by Ed Bass who also produced "Bobby". I am playing Sarah, a high school student friends with the most popular girl in school. The first week of January there is going to be a special teaser trailer (part one of three) released online for everyone to watch. I will keep you all posted about where to go and when!!

Thanks again to everyone who is visiting my site! I really appreciate the support!

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  1. Hi Victoria! Just watched the teaser trailer and found it very interesting--can't wait for the trailer to air in full. Your short "Shopkeeper's Daughter" was a soulful portrayal and I was quite impressed that you were able to express so much emotion without a line of spoken dialogue! This speaks volumes of your talent and I will be watching for future updates! You have a bright career ahead of you!